Curriculum Vitae

(you're right... this is a joke!)

Simone Bertuccioli
Web, Multimedia, and Graphic Designer.
Currently studying Computer Engineering at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and working as Webmaster/Freelancer.

Main Interests:
Arts and Science, Graphic Design, Graffiti Writing, New Technologies, Computers, Photography, Nature, Traveling, Foreign Languages, Music, Skateboarding, Bicycling, Football, Fishing, and life itself.

Social skills and competences:

Public relations with the scholars at the State Archives in Rome.
Getting easily
adapted to multicultural environments: 3 years in the Netherlands, going to the European School in Bergen and living with other students.
3 following years in Spain, studying at the Istituto Europeo di Design and occasionally working for
restaurant and catering services.

Organizational skills and competences:

Since my teens in Holland and the following study in Spain, independent everyday life shared with other students improved my ability to take self motivated responsibility in managing situations. Organizational and interactive skills further developed in promoting and setting art exhibitions, multimedia events, live-painting, video projections and stage design in various places of resort in Rome and on the seacoast.
Teamed up 
serigraphic printing for promotional stickers, T-shirts, hats and sportswear.

Technical skills and competences:
Specific competence pertaining the guidelines of the European project Minerva for cultural websites accessibility/usability. Practice of research on the digitized series at the State Archives in Rome. Techniques of digital photo retouching and interactive animation; video and audio editing; design and serigraphic printing on different tissues and various surfaces.

Computer skills and competences:
Good working knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems as well as Apple MacOS9 and MacOSX and various Linux systems (Red-Hat, Gentoo, Debian, etc...). Also able to manage PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, Java, C and C++ code and loads of proprietary and open-sources softwares. Active in the development of new Linux operating systems as well as new free-softwares and applets of various kind.

Artistic skills and competences:
Creative painting on paper, canvas, wood, walls and shutters made to order.
drawing and templates; creative typography and fonts; brand logotypes; dynamically transformed glyphs and symbols.
Creative style research in graffiti art and culture, such as in fonts typology.
Music: piano and computer digital composition.


2000 - European Baccalaureate Certificate - Secondary European High School:
4 Languages (Italian, English, French, Dutch), Art, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy, History, Geography, Religion, Physical Education.
At Schola Europaea, Molenweidtje 5 – 1860 Bergen, North Holland.

2003 - Academic graduation as Graphic Designer - University level diploma:
General: Semiology, Communication theory, Colour theory, Sociology, Marketing, Professional organization; Art, Graphics and Design History;
Professional: Training on Macintosh operating system, graphic structures, morphology, live drawing, digital image synthesis, typography, fonts, project, editing, user interface, photo, printing and rendering techniques; branding and
corporate image, packaging, advertising and multimedia.
At Istituto Europeo di Design, Calle Larra 14, 28004 Madrid, Spain.

2004 - Professional Diploma as Multimedia Graphic Designer: Theory and practice on Windows operating system and commands; study and training on multimedia software packages for graphics, animation, CD/DVD applications such as
Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia director; background setting; video/audio operating techniques; digital editing and duplication.
At Istituto di Cultura Pantheon, Via delle Botteghe Oscure 54, 00186 Roma, Italy.

Currently - Computer Engineering student at the University of Rome "Sapienza".

Working Experience:

Voluntary Service - Associazione Volontari Attività Culturali e Ambiente:
Reception at the reference library researching documents on the Imago (Minerva European project) digitalized series and microfilms; parchments, cartography and maps caring; Graphic restyling of the official website of the State Archives in Rome.
Preservation of Cultural Heritage; Ministry of Culture.

Freelance activities - as designer:
Logotype and corporate identity project for brand restyling and image coordination for Azitek Company; promotional brochures; Studio Iurato Graphic Design Agency; Professional and personal websites design, development and/or specific web pages restyling and management for Circolo Tennis Belle Arti, Natalia Tranquilli, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Innovative Legal Solutions - Studio Legale, Galilei Bed & Breakfast, Truceklan, ZTKings and others.

Graphic design and packaging of music albums with related extra contents: multimedia DVD, audio/video editing for In The Panchine, Noyz Narcos, Gel, Chicoria, Truceklan, Smuggler's Bazaar Ent. and others.

Organization of painting/photo exhibitions and stands, live-painting, video projections and stage design for artistic and musical events in various places of resort in Rome and on the seacoast for TIM Tour, Goa, Black Planet, Metaverso, Open Bar, Il Faro, Lido Acquarius, Classico Village, Galleria de Serpenti, Rashomon, Circolo degli Artisti, Ex Magazzini, Starsky, I.E.D. Madrid and others.

Graphic design and serigraphic printing for promotional stickers and articles of clothing.

Copywriting and editing of articles on the topic of metropolitan graffiti writing and graphic art for Gruppomisto Comunicazione, All City Writers, I.E.D. Madrid, Vandalz Inside, Subwaynet and others.

Italian Restaurants
Dining room and orders management; catering service for weddings, celebrations and parties for various restaurants and catering companies in Madrid, Spain.


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