Introducing Joomla! CMS

Lately I'm having fun using Joomla! Content Management System for work... I have to say it works great!

Nonetheless it is an award winning software. In fact took the runner-up prize in the categories of Best Overall Open Source CMS Award and the Best PHP Open Source CMS (tied with CMS Made Simple) of the year 2008.

I think Joomla! is a must for every web designer who likes open source philosophy as it is licensed under GNU/GPL. This means you have access to a lot of code made by a community of pretty smart people who likes helping each other to improve their work.

It has a great user interface and you can even use it without touching any html, css or php code... which is a big thumb up for newcomers in the world of web design... and of course experienced people can customize the code the way the they want without being persecuted for stealing intellectual properties to companies.

Although I must admit I'm not new to the open source world (I love GNU-Linux) a few days ago I contributed to a joomla component code. I rewrote from scratch the code of a PHP Italian translation file needed for a component for the site of a friend of mine. It wasn't a hard work at all, but I must admit it is very satisfying doing something which can be useful to other people too. It was a good reason to go back looking at some PHP code, which it was quite some time I didn't touch it at all as I'm concentrating mostly on my studies lately and Java code.

So I think I'm going to post various videos from youtube about Joomla trying to make it easy for everyone to understand its potential. It is going to be useful also to me to have it all documented in my blog and I hope it will be useful to you too. Well then... see you to the next joomla post.


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