I am happy to present a very interesting article full of graphic tools and resources written by my colleague Amy.

"No longer limited to freehand logos, graphic design is a booming field. From website design, to publications, presentations, and much more, graphic designers are in demand in just about every field imaginable.

With so much demand, graphic designers can get caught up on the supply end. Don’t lose out on an opportunity or job because you aren’t equipped to handle it. Use the below 70 awesome open source tools for graphic designers to get a leg up, expand your resume, and much more. Best of all, the price to put all of them to use is completely free..."

The perfect place to look for a present during festivities:

Doppiaggio in Italiano:

ZTKings - Vandali Dentro Productions presents a new concept of animated graphics video. It was conceived for the first time more than five years ago, when the first few seconds of animation were made, but it was not developed so far till nowadays (this is only a first bite and it will probably be developed further in the future).

The video's been built from static photos showing pieces of the past two decades of "eternal graffiti writing in the eternal city" (Rome, Italy). In this video you can look at them in a different and unique way ...as if it was a time machine. It shows you "the illusion of time passing, never ending, always changing".

As stated in joomla's official site, eXtplorer is a web-based File Management Component for all your needs.

It has a desktop-application-like interface with drag&drop, grid and a directory tree and makes heavy use of the ExtJS Javascript Library.

You can use it to access and modify the files and directories on your server via FTP or direct file access.

eXtplorer runs natively under Joomla! 1.5.x, 1.0.x and can also be used as a standalone application.

This is a video tutorial from JoomlaForBeginners.com for the Open Source Joomla! Content Management System version 1.5. This tutorial discusses eXtplorer, a web-based File Management Component for all your needs.

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