Sabayon Linux - 5 Themes

My Home-made Sabayon Linux 5 Theming for KDE-4.x.
I used The Sabayon 5 artwork Backgrounds available in the
directory of every Sabayon system (if the sabayon-artwork package was correctly updated).

Here we have 2 different Splash Screens:
1) Sabayon 5 OxySplash Screen Theme

You can download it here:

2) Sabayon 5 Glassified Theme

Install it as any other kde4 splashscreen theme
(using the kde SystemSettings-->Appearence-->SplashScreen-->Install button and browsing to the downloaded file).
Please note that there are two different backgrounds depending on which screen resolution you use ...I made it for my 16:9 screen :wink:

and Here is a KDM Theme:
1) Sabayon 5 Elegant-Air KDM theme

You can use it together with the (bubble) Splashscreen I already posted here:

NOTE: to install it you have to be root. You can achieve this running:
kdesu systemsettings

Enter root password, then you go to Advanced-->LoginManager-->Theme-->Install New Theme and you browse to the downloaded file.

Download Link here:

Have fun playing with it :D


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