If you are looking for a simple method of creating custom templates for your needs and you don't mind following some standards for layouts, or you just want to have a good brainstorming time, you can try using automated template generators for joomla! templates to have a top down approach.
There are sofisticated softwares with familiar interfaces wich can do the coding for you respecting web and search engines standards.
First you design graphics, then automatically create the code. After that you can always check/change/customize it as you prefer.
There is a commercial product which automates web design and looks like MS Office. There are also other free softwares, but this time i've decided to show you one of the most advanced which obviously is made to profit and it's called Artisteer.
In this video created by Artisteer Help located at http://www.artisteerhelp.com/
we have a very brief introduction to demonstrate how it works as well as how quickly you can create a web site template.

The official site is: http://www.artisteer.com/

I hope i'll be back on this topic talking about open source and free software solutions soon!


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